About Us



Balmukheswor Agriculture Co-operative Ltd. is a membership based organization established on 2069 Ashoj 12 (September 28, 2012) with the initiation of senior group of farmers of the community of Bageshwori, Changunarayan municipality ward number 7. The co-operative was established to facilitate farmers by addressing the agricultural needs for farming and to develop a community-based organization that could uplift their livelihood through agriculture. Currently the co-operative has members from 80 out of 125 households in the community and is working towards extending its membership to those families too.



The major objectives of Balmukheswor Agriculture Co-operative Ltd. are as follows:

  • To maintain organizational governance by following values and principles of co-operative.
  • To modernize and professionalize traditional agricultural system.
  • To increase the agricultural yield capacity of members.
  • To perform saving and credit activities.
  • To help uplift the livelihood of the members.
  • To facilitate the members by providing necessary trainings for agricultural activities.
  • To promote and develop professional skills of the members.



  • Develop co-operative methodology to produce, process and distribute agricultural products by converting traditional agriculture to market oriented agro-system.
  • Motivate members for professional agriculture by demonstrations, field visits, trainings etc. to increase the yield and manage financial, technical, social and cultural supports required.
  • Manage infrastructural requirements such as agricultural tools and technology, irrigation, electricity, road and market to increase agricultural yield.
  • Promote saving and credit activities among the members.
  • Collaborate with other government, non-government and professional organizations to promote agriculture in the area.


Management Committee

Mr. Ram Bahadur Shrestha


Mrs. Anita Shrestha

Vice Chairperson

Mr. Ram Gopal Nayaju


Mr. Rajkumar Shrestha


Mr. Bam Bahadur Shrestha


Mrs. Ramadevi Shrestha


Mr. Krishna Bahadur Nayaju